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life at home and become a powerful political voice. >> i stand before you to proclaim tonight america is the land where dreams can come true for all of us. >> president obama paid tribute to ferrero sag his daughters will grow up in a more equal america because of her. ferrero was dogged about her personal finances and those of her husband. they aid is it cost her in the policy. >>> there should be more smooth flying today. at outage yesterday forced the cancellation of 100 alaskan airline and horizon air flights. one askinosie flight out of oakland international was cancelled and three others delayed by as much as two hours. the presidents of both airlines posted a video on youtube apologizing for the glitch, explaining it was caused by a blown transformer. >>> san francisco is getting ready for huge crowed to coming to see a free concert by britney spears. pop princess will perform today at the bill graham auditorium. she was originally scheduled to sing outdoors in the castro neighborhood but the threat of rain changed her plans. her hour long performance begins at noon and it will
is high. puppies heading out on virgin america and they'll be welcomed to new homes. it was a wild scene, 14 little fluffy dogs coming out here. it's a warm story, a great story. these dogs that had no home are going to have a home. it's a positive ending, we think. san francisco has way too many dogs in general because of a lack of spaying and neutering, but chihuahua's have their own specific reason there are too many. >> they're just really overbred. people are neutering as much as we'd like to see them doing. they've become really popular after all the hollywood hype around them. and people think they're a lot easier than big dogs but they're still dogs. >> and when she says still dogs, we're talking about dogs, these dogs need to be walked, they need social interaction or they can bottom behavioral issues with these animals like any other animal. if you're interested in a chihuahua, there are still 20 at san francisco animal care and control. and these dogs are available. if you wanna follow these 14 dogs heading back east, you can. you can check out the animal care and control, san
this morning but the associated general contractors of america gave the project its build america merit award for the way the contractor slid out the old section and put in the new section 150 fight in the air. >> kristen: the san francisco board of sers supervisors will consider the future of the major house go development. they want approval of plan to add 5,000 housing units to the world war ii era complex. tomorrow's hearing will focus on concerns about the environmental impact and traffic on already crowded 19th avenue and they are looking into the possibility of adding a transportation hub in the area. >> eric: facebook wants to hire president obama's former press secretary to oversee colleges. robert gibbs left the white house in february after serving two years. "new york times" reports that gibbs has received an offer from facebook that worth millions. facebook wants to build a communication team before the stock goes public and analyst predict the ipo could be worth $60 billion. largest in history. >> eric: museum has come up with an unusual way for passengers to pay attention to so
to latin america, president obama addresses what has been called operation odyssey dawn. >> actions have consequences and the writ of the international community must be enforced. >> the rebels were successful in shooting down one of gadhafi's planes. >> the blood of kids. one five years old and one four months old. >> in reaction to the the ally's operation. this message was delivered on state controlled television. >> this is a crusade. >> the libyan leader made a threat. any allied act against libya and he would consider all air and traffic in the mediterranean sea counters form a counter attack, namely planes. robert bear served 25 years as a cia operative, almost all of it in the arab world. >> gadhafi has lost his mind, clearly. you can see that from the images coming out of tripoli. in fact, i heard today that the family is considering replacing him with another strong man because he is so crazy. we would be better off without him. >> now allen tells us the next phase is enforcing the no fly zone over tripoli. the u.s. and european and maybe arab nations will take the lead. govern
of destruction due to a collapsing hillside that may be impossible to save. amy hollyfield is live in america h eric close with the latest. >> reporter: the city can now seek out state funds to help homeowners but the question is how far should they go to try to save the homes. it's more of a matter of if, not when that hillside is going to come down. it could take a series of pilings drilled into the hill that would cost $4 million to save homes that aren't worth anything close to that. one homeowner testified to the city council meeting that this is personal. he wants and needs city officials to help him. >>> i want to be in that house until i pass away. >> he really shouldn't be in there is at night. my concern is they will be asleep and the hill will move. >> i'm not going to leave my house. i'm going to stay and fight this. >> reporter: four homes have been red-tagged. they are empty and two of them seem to be making an important role. they are actually holding up the hill. a total of eight homes have been severely damaged. no one is hurt but people are very emotional. some have lost their
numerous accidents. drivers may have ambivalent feelings but the associated contractors of america gave the project it's build america merit award for the way the contractor split out the old section and put in the new portion 150 feet in the air. >> kristen: facebook is trying to make a friend out of the former press secretary. the company wants to hire robert gibbs to oversee communication. "new york times" reports that gibbs has received an offer from facebook worth millions including shares in facebook ahead of the company's expected ipo next year. experts say they are trying to build communications team before the stock goes public. analysts predict the ipo could be worth $60 billion making it the largest in history. >> eric: coming up, has anyone seen a snake, a cobra, the questions being asked by one zoo >> we're going to work out and get you fit to fly. >> check it out. a safety lecture, disco style. the airline that is try paul ? oh, hey, charlene. what are you doing ? this is to help me with my online investing. i'm so overwhelmed by jargon and trading tools and data that i ne
. an exclusive britney spears' performance coming up on "good morning america" this morning. >> here is a look at major airports. just in from baltimore, flight departure delays. we do have snow heading to chicago, indianapolis, rain around seattle and portland. severe weather around houston and new orleans but everything now quiet. go to and find our flight tracker. my diet? well yesterday i had an apple turnover. i know it's sort of my weakness. i always keep it in the house. well, that and boston crème pie, white chocolate strawberries, and mmm key lime pie. yeah, i've already lost some weight. [ female announcer ] yoplait light -- over 30 delicious flavors at about 100 calories. babe, what are you doi?! ♪ [ female announcer ] the yoplait you love, now in a 4-pack. try it today. ♪ it's tsunnyd!you bring out the sun ♪ ♪ it's the way you make it all fun ♪ know who makes the day sunny? my mom and sunny d! i love the taste. mom loves the vitamin c. and now it has 40% fewer calories than most regular soda brands. sunnyd! ♪ make today a sunny day! sunnyd is giving away a
on that bank of america's plan and earthquake and tsunami will make it the most expensive natural disaster on record. [ bell ringing ] >> kristen: we're talking over $300 billion. we'll go live to see how investors are digesting the news live. >> eric: check in with mike, it's going to be a wet one and not just today. >> kristen: tomorrow even worse? >> and winds could be faster. this the new element. faster than 30 miles per hour. san jose, hayward, santa rosa and fairfield, about 14 at sfo to about 7 in concord and 18 in napa. good news up in the north bay, you are starting to see a drying trend and amy did not have the wet weather gear, south bay, heaviest of the rain falling right now. cold front will push through and more drying, but this afternoon, expect more scattered showers to develop and the stronger storm comes in tonight. >>> we did get word that the earlier sig alert in daly city has been cancelled. all lanes open at hickey boulevard. two right lanes have been blocked for the last hour. new crash in morgan hill. live look at 101 in san jose, this is 101 at 880 overcrossing, n
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: next, president obama will tack on the last stop on trip to south and central america. >> and they say n.f.l. games will make it less exciting. >> and bay area youngsters try to jump their way to a world record. >>> president obama is leaving central america cutting short of tour that has been dominated by news from the military action in libya. he went to el salvador but he left so he could leave a few hours earlier. president five day tour is meant to reestablish leadership in that region. these traveled to countries that have under gone political transformation over the past decade. >> n.f.l. owners are holding a meeting in new orleans even though there is a lockout. yesterday they voted to change the league's kick off rule. kickoffs will be moved up five yards from the 35 yard line producing chance for prolific kick return irs. more severe injuries happen on kickoffs. it will result in 5-15% more touchdowns. several teams with great kick returners are not happy about the rule change. >> most exciting play in football, you would think you would want to keep it in. to eliminate is te
to bill graham civic auditorium. the performance for "good morning america" coincides with the release of her new album and 5,000 tickets for the show are free. ticketmaster is going to charge a 3.60 service fee and portion will be broadcast on "good morning america." >> the tickets will go on sale only on line, a little over two and a half hours find a link on our website at >> eric: still ahead, is it a smoking gun? the secret tape that prosecutors say proves barry bonds lied about knowingly taking steroids. >> and san jose youth football coach is facing charges of molesting a player and why police say there could be more victims. >> reporter: rain is starting to move in. officials in santa cruz county are concerned. i'll bring you the story up next. >> already flight arrival delays into sfo of 94 minutes. this is only going to get worse as amy mentioned. heavy rain is starting to move in. it will get worse over the next couple of hours.3q a wipe is a wipe unless it's also a scrub. lysol complete clean dual action wipes have 2 sides that go beyond ordinary wipes. you ca
on the food network. "good morning america" will have more on this story coming up 7 a.m. >> we're keeping our eye on a big problem potentially on the peninsula on busy 101. >> this motorcycle crash turns out to be fatal. north 101 just past 3rd avenue. at least two lanes are blocked. anytime there's a fatal crash traffic will be blocked for hours. traffic jammed on north 101 from highway 292 up towards 3rd. so you want to avoid that stretch. this will cause slowing in the southbound direction later on. you may want to consider 280 as an alternate route. you may want to consider el camino real as a possible alternate as well. the rain on the way. >> you summed it up really nicely. here is where it is. live doppler 7 hd, crescent city, eureka, lakewood and fort bragg. i think that 8:00 hour for it to start moving into northern sonoma county is going to hold. most of us will miss out on it during the morning commute but we'll definitely have it during the lunch hour and early afternoon hours. your coolest, mid to upper 50s where everybody else will be in the low to possibly mid-60s. don't think
of opening the new bridge in september of 2013, possibly in time for the america's cup. live on treasure island, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thanks a lot. a tense protest that had several people making a dangerous statement on the ledge of the building at u.c. berkeley. they'll meet to discuss budget cuts and increased fees. eight students chained themselves to a ledge for several hours yesterday and held large banners in front of wheeler hall. they stepped off the ledge -- or to the ledge to the cheers of other students who gathered on the ground to support them. >> san jose's firefighters union and the city have a deal in place this morning that both say will prevent another round of layoffs. the firefighters union has agreed to 10% reductions in both pay and benefits as well as other concessions and the city has accepted the offer. last year the city laid off 49 firefighters after the union declined to make concessions. the agreement is expected to save the city over $30 million over two years. they will vote to ratify the deal this weekend. >>
america," the medical expert explained what people would do in an extreme situation. >> it's very easy. you go home u want to remove all of your clothing, jewelry and watches, preferably in your garage, go inside and take a shower, soap, water. you don't want to do any abrasive scrubbing but you don't want to do a nice watch. shampoo, no conditioner. >> it changes but the recommendation is all you need to do is shampoo. the clothes and watches and jewelry that is in a sealed bag and you'll hear recommendations on getting it pick up. doing those things will remove 95% of the contamination on your body. most people are very surprised of that. you can do such a good job at removing that. >> local pharmacies have been getting requests for potassium iodide but so far, that is not necessary. >> a former chief executive of the retirement system is accused of directing investments to politically connected firms. that is one of the findings of top officials of the pension fund known as calpers, many managers paid out $180 million to middle men to gain business. >>> a new state bill would requir
with them. >> you can see the entire robin roberts interview on "good morning america" beginning at 7:00. >> 5:26. dianne feinstein takes aim at in defense of the marriage act. she says it's time to repeal. >> it and live in san francisco, the trial for barry bonds starts on monday but today potential jurors will be showing up and filling out the form. in it over 60 yes questions. i'll tell you what some of the questions are coming up in a live report. >> and international pressure mounts on japan to stop the looming meltdown at a crippled nuclear power plant. >> check out the temperatures across the country, coolest weather around seattle and portland. 76 in st. louis, 84 in dallas. that is pretty warm for this time of the year. you think maybe some spring storms but everything is quiet. no delays at our major airports. our flight3q my busy family, the family with thousands of odors. like boomer, our boxer. our leftovers... from last night. and then there's phil. oh phil. but for every odor, our new air wick odor detect uses the latest smart odor sensor technology. the first air fres
ferrari on nbc. "good morning america" will have more on the story at 7 a.m. >> in tiburon, one of those cameras that raised criticism because they were capturing people coming in and out and saying invasion of privacy. >> still the debate going but in guy's case, i guess it was good. >> all right. 5:07. we're gonna give you a clue. you'll wanna bring your umbrella today. >> oh, that gives it all away! mike? >> i'll have 200,000 reasons why you need to bring your umbrella like in that ferrari. >> lamborghininy. thank you very much. i'm trying to make it italian either way. all serious, zooming up into the northern part of the state. the rain trying to make its way towards fort bragg but still has all of mendocino county to go before it gets to us. i think most of the morning commute will be dry. let's focus on the 24 hour temperature change. most of us cooler except antioch, napa, san rafael, san francisco the same as yesterday morning. 50 san francisco, 52 antioch. the rest of us in the 40s. as the afternoon unfolds, we'll see that rain spread from north to south across the bay with the
the america's cup yacht race two years from now. the marin journal says sausalito's chamber of commerce is already work with tourism that runs the races. they will pump $1.4 billion into the bay area economy. a little rain is headed our way today. it was so nice and dry yesterday. >> we squeezed in one nice sunny day and not many more in the week ahead. an active week weatherwise. definitely dark out there but we will notice a switch with our sunrise 7:24, sun setting 7:15 tonight. another hour of daylight for you. we're looking at most of the rain moving in this afternoon. here's a look at our roof camera where conditions are dry and cloudy right now. we're looking at upper 40s. livermore, redwood city and santa rosa. 52 oakland and san francisco 52 mountain view. here's a look at our 24 hour temperature change and notice how mild it is. we are 4 to 6 degrees warmer than we were yesterday. we had a clearer start yesterday. that's why we were cooler with that radiational cooling. with the clouds a slight chance of showers. the main rain holds off until the afternoon but two more systems
, such as beginning, improvising or social dances of north america. students say athletes often took classes like that to keep up their grade point average which is, of course, a requirement to play their sport. stanford has in the past maintained the courses on the list are academically rigorous. >> prince william is set to visit new zealand in australia to show the family support of victims of recent natural disasters. the news was announced as the countdown of the royal wedding approaches the 50 days marked tomorrow. london is getting into the party spirit around the statue of iros, the greek god of love. they don't have one of afrodati. kate and will are the subject of frequent toasts. but for weather planners, the heat is on. >> around the 60-day mark is quite a dangerous time for a couple planning a wedding. generally it's been pretty frenetic up to that point but because most things should be done, dotting the i's and crossing of t's moment it's time to think about things and possibly panic. >> maybe for most couples but buckingham palace has an army of officials and advisers to work on th
about dogs today. tell me about operation chihuahua. >> so this is the third time that virgin america has helped. they've flown chihuahuas to the east coast where they're in really high demand. we just have an overpopulation here in california and they're not quickly adopted there and they get adopted almost immediately there. we've got one, two, three -- all over the place. the media all over the place. why so many chihuahuas. >> i think they've become very popular through television and commercials and movies and so forth but they're also easily bred. people don't have a lot of space and they think they're easy to breed. they are dogs, they need care. people aren't spaying and neutering as much and they're breeding like crazy so -- >> people are looking at these pictures right now. so cute. you've got pinky in your arms. oh, they're all going away. they're not all going away. >> we have 20 more left in the shelter and i'm sure more will come in. we have about 96 dogs in the shelter and 34 of them were chihuahuas. there's plenty. >> we're not flying with the dogs but they can be foll
. come celebrate bonalia! only at denny's. america's diner is always open. had. >>> good morning 6:15. you are looking live pictures of the explosion and fire at a evergreen oil refinery in newark. you can't see much in these pictures because it is dark. we are told some of the crews are being released from this fire because it is contained at this point. you can still see fire equipment putting water that may still be hot. there is a reason they are pouring water on this portion of the plant. amy hollyfield is hoed headed this way and tell us exactly what happened and whether or not there were any injuries. we also have not heard of a shelter in place order just yet. as we get information we will bring it to you. >>> the supreme court will hear arguments today to determine if a lawsuit against walmart the largest job discrimination suit ever can forward. half a million plaintiffs say that made more money than women and were promoted faster. walmart denies the claim. >> does it seem like you are getting less for your money? your right. "new york times" reports that companies have b
america. athletes often took those classes to keep up their grade point average, a requirement to play. stanford has maintained the courses on that list are academically rigorous. >> have you thought about adopting a pet? you know, not a dog or a cat, maybe a chicken. well, 100 chickens are up for adoption at the sonoma humane society. the brown and red hens spent their lives producing eggs for an egg farm. they were offered to take them in after they passed the preferred eggs for egg production. >> president williams to visit new zealand to show family support for victims of recent natural disasters. the countdown to the royal wedding approaches the 50-day mark tomorrow. most britains already have april 29th circled on their calendar. london is getting into the party spirit around the statue of heroes, the greek god of love. the subjects are having frequent toasts. >> generally it's been pretty frenetic up to that point but because most things should be done, because it is dotting the i's and crossing the t's moment, it means the time to actually think about things and possibly panic.
totino's pizza rolls. but our favorite thing is eating totino's pizza rolls. ♪ we're the kids in america oh, oh, oh >> welcome back, everyone. the federal government now admits part of the nation's radiation warning system was out of service last week as millions of americans worried about being exposed to the fallout from japan. no dangerous levels of radiation have been detected in the u.s. from the earthquake damaged fukushima plant but four of california's 11 monitors were off line for repairs or maintenance last week. in japan, u.s. naval barges carrying fresh water are heading to the nuclear plant to help workers remove water that is contaminated with dangerously high levels of radiation. japan's nuclear agency says radiation in the seawater just off shore of the plant spiked to more than 1,200 times higher than normal. experts are still trying to determine whether there's been a breach in one of the reactors. the earthquake and tsunami has slowed down production and shipping of japanese goods that come to the u.s. so much so that this tanker from japan was the first to arrive
pills. on "good morning america," richard besser what people would do. >> it's very easy u go home. you want to remove all your clothing, jewelry and watches, preferably outside your house in your garage. go inside and take a shower. soap, water, you don't want to abrasive scrubbing but do a nice watch. shampoo, no conditioner. recommendation is all you need to do is shampoo. clothes, watches and jewelry, make sure it's in a sealed bag. doing those things will remove 95% of the contamination that is on your body. most people are surprised about that. >> to give you a better perspective a local professor says the radiation spike registered lower an level during the average cat zblan barry bonds will be going on trial. >> he goes on charges of lying to a grand jury. in an order yesterday the judge hearing the case ruled that jurors' names will be kept secret. the judge citizen the secrecy is needed to have a fair trial. >>> no secret we got weather activity going on. some thunder and lightning. >> i think so. >> if i was on the jury, i would say guilty of rain and lightning and thunder. >
. live look, 101 at 880 overcrossing, heading northbound right at great america parkway. reports of metal debris slowing down the commute there. southbound 85 the ramp to highway 82 is closed right now. this is due to a construction big rig getting stuck in the dirt. only temporary closure. and in mass transit, "h" train number 3 is about 11 minutes late this morning. >> eric: it's 6:00 10. >> just ahead, i know you are wondering the bay area county that is being called the healthiest in all of california. >> eric: and new criticism about the board that runs the budget battered caltrain. some saying they are not even paying attention. >> kristen: and officers said they had to shoot and kill, tranquilizers were not an option looking for deals, i'm looking for the hottest fashion. i get a lot of ideas just walking around the city. it's like a fashion show out there. then, i negotiate directly with designers... so you get the savings. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you. you're unpacking already? yeah. help me find some mugs? sure. ♪ [ beep ] hey. okay. -these'll do. -yeah. [ mal
round of fare hikes, america, delta and u.s. airways all increasing fares in the lower 48 states between 10 and $20 depending on the trip. and, again, that is just this week. keep in mind airlines sometimes boost prices one day, drop 'em the next. last week it happened. some drop by 20 bucks and then back it off by $10. i guess it made some feel like they were getting a savings. jetblue and air tran are keeping prices as is. the reason, according to airlines, is because of the fuel is going up. airlines are just trying to find out in addition to going up, trying to find out exactly what the market will bear. they had a very good february. let's see what happened this month as this next increase goes into effect. terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thanks a lot. no weather-related delays on our end today. >> why go anyplace. it's a 50/50 weekend, right, mike? >> spring warmth after being a little cooler this morning. the clear sky dropping 5 to 10 degrees in the north bay. this afternoon mid to upper 60s with high clouds and sunshine. the 50/50 weekend is it's dry saturday until the su
america. congress is deciding whether to cut saturday delivery. last year the postal service lost $8.5 billion. >> if are hoping to buy a new red or black car, jane king with in this money scope report. >> good morning. ford telling dealers to stop taking orders in tuxedo black. earthquake causing a shortage of pigment. oracle, quarterly profit as it gets deeper and deeper in cloud computing networks. and survey by glaxo-smith-kline that americans, menthol and tobacco. maker of products to help quit smoking. and what is your favorite fast food restaurant? they say subway. panda express and jimmie johnson rated highly. >> at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. >> assemblyman jerry hill will introduce legislation that would crack down on stores that sell cigarettes to minors. they want tougher penalties that make tobacco products available to use. a store has to be caught eight times before its license revoked. they would revamp that to three strikes and you are out. a d.c.. >>> organizers of bay to breakers race have opened up 5,000 more spots for participants. think are requi
district to the bill graham civic auditorium. her performance for "good morning america" coincides with the release of the new album. portions already broadcast on gma. tickets for the show are free but there is service fee. we will alert you by twitter, facebook page the second those tickets become available. >> kristen: get ready. just ahead, the 150,000 customers are warned about tainted produce and you may want to check for cantaloupe in the house. >> and officials are waiting and watching and worrying. the storm is coming and what is coming up......................Ñ
're the kids in america oh, oh, oh >> one of the most popular stories on our website is about a notorious cat burglar stealing hundreds of items from his neighbors. lisa amin gulezian tells how dusty is finally cleaning up his act. >> this is no ordinary rummage sale. >> daddy, are these mine? all mine? >> everything here was stolen. >> underwear. >> and here is the culprit. dusty, also known as klepto the cat. dusty was featured on animal planet last month war his late night rendezvous with his neighbors' towels and undergarments were shown. >> dusty brought all these things and what we're hoping for is the owners to come and claim it. >> my shoe! >> i didn't even know it was gone. >> his kleptomania started three years ago. he had a full bath towel in his mouth. the cat's got a little mouth. >> he would return things piecemeal but even they couldn't keep up. >> i think i asked you guys if you were missing things. >> i think so. >> oh, that is ours! our carwashing -- >> we got burglarized and didn't even know it. katie summers knew all her missing things. >> and my shoes. this is my top. >>
to expand rising fuel prices. rivals delta and america also trimming capacity. fueling interest in hybrid cars. the toyota prius, honda civic and ford fusion sales all jumped last month and honda recalling thousands of hybrids because of problems. toyota recalling because of a faulty prior pressure monitoring system. job prospects are looking up. manpower says more employers plan to boost hiring next quarter and the number of companies planning to fireworkers is declining. the greatest optimism coming from leisure and hospitality businesses. oil pushing stocks lower yesterday. the chips also down for intel, shares falling after wells fargo downgraded the election after industry. after closure this afternoon, a mid--quart update. the golden arches, now more than f subways a thousand stores more than mcdonald's. at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> it's 5:55 now. doctors are still writing the prescriptions did you patients at ucsf will now be receiving their medications with the help of a robot. the university has unveiled a state of the art r
news from bank of america. a trove of e-mailses that claims it exposes corruption and mortgage fraud at the banks. >> time now 5:14 on this monday morning. the death toll continues to rise in japan this morning with estimates now reaching 10,000 people after friday's devastating quake and tsunami. there are now nuclear fears from three crippled reactors. fuel reactor rods have been fully exposed. that means there's no coolant covering them. they're trying to pump in seawater to cool them down. one lab is monitoring the radioactive material. risk to the u.s. is said to be slight. millions of people spent a third night without water or heat in the near freezing temperatures. a tide of bodies has washed up along japan's coastline and rescue workers have run out of body bags. this volcano in southern japan from the quake-ravaged city. a series of eruptions yesterday. experts say it's unclear if the eruptions are linked to the quake. seismically active zones where earthquakes are common. >> in libya moammer gadhafi has driven rebels on one of their last strong holds. government forces pus
interview with tiger on "good morning america" which airs between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m.. >>> coming up, the vote today that could take much of the public out of national public radio. >> and royal visitecws abdbneer >>> today the house of representatives is set to vote on a bill that would completely strip all federal funding from npr. the bill would eliminate government support for the public radio network but still allow stations to use federal money for administrative purposes. funding for npr has been under increased scrutiny since a videotape showing a fund-raising executive calling the tea party activists racists. he also questioned whether npr needed the federal funds. >> the congressman expects the legislation will pass the gop controlled house easily. >> prince will jam in new zealand this morning. he called the damage at christ church unbelievable. emergency workers gave him a briefing on recovery efforts. he will also visit on australia. he is stepping up his public role ahead of his marriage to kate middleton on april 29. >> still ahead at 6:30. mourning a surfing star. ma
with them the memories of the brief visit to america and much needed supplies. lisa amin gulezian has our story. >> reporter: what can be more american than bowling, as the host families in livermore want the visiting students from japan to leave with. everyone knows that these eighth graders are returning to the unknown. they are from a city roughly 200 miles from the leaking nuclear power plant. >> i just want to ensure they are safe. >> reporter: the group of 20 left japan saturday, one day after the tsunami and earthquake. their parents specifically asked their host families to limit how much information these students had access to. >> we've been warning them about electricity possible disruption in transportation. we really haven't talked about the nuclear plant. >> reporter: which is on top of the meintdz of most. would you rather stay in the u.s.? >> sure, i would like to stay here. >> reporter: problems with rolling blackouts and food shortages are just about everywhere, but now help is coming. the drive started when an exchange student got a letter from his mom in japan to make
more from the interview coming up on "good morning america." >> i'm glad she is having fun. >> still ahead, new poll finds a new milestone in the battle to legalize same-sex marriage. >> and stunning admission made in a husband and wife in the kidnapping of jaycee dugard. >> and raising the nuclear threat level at a damaged power plant. >> and i'm janelle wang, nuclear engineers say the radiation has reached the bay area and this just in, a diplomat who has access to u.n. radiation tracking equipment says it has also reached southern california. what it all means coming up. >> and wet and windy weekend, just the beginning, flight arrival delays. any time you need it. @Ñ@Ñ@Ñ@Ñ@Ñ@Ñ@Ñ@Ñ@Ñ@Ñ >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. [ bell ringing ] >>> good morning. starting the trading day on wall street. stocks are posted to extend their games after they announced a plan to bring the japanese yen down from historic heights. japan's currency has soared. we'll go live coming up. >> right now. we'll check the weather outside, it's been raining this morning. >>
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